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My Dog has a Microchip - Do I Need an ID Tag or a Personalized Dog Colar, Too? article by Jan Smith

When microchips came out it appeared they were a great way to reunite pets with their owners. And they are. You should have your pet microchipped for extra protection. If your pet is picked up by animal control officers in your immediate area and the chip was implanted by a local veterinarian who uses chips compatible with your area?s scanners, then the chance of a good scan is high. Or, if you are fortunate, your shelter has a universal scanner to read all microchips


Even if your pet has a microchip, it is also absolutely necessary to place a good identification tag on your pet. The best tag is one with an emergency 800 number. The reasons are listed here:

Microchips are good if animal control finds your pet because they have a microchip reader. What if a person walking down the street finds your pet.

An identification tag and a personalized dog collar are immediate indications that this animal is a beloved pet in need of attention.

The emergency number on the tag is answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week so the person who finds your pet has access to information regarding the pet immediately.

If you cannot be reached, there are other contacts that you have provided, helping to ensure a quick response to the person who found your pet.

Your veterinarian information is available immediately in case your pet is found injured.

The person finding your pet does not feel stuck with your pet because there is a good chance that someone on your call list will be available to pick the pet up. This lessons the chance that your pet will be dropped off at a shelter.

Do you want the best chance of finding your pet if the unthinkable happens? For the most protection, have microchip implanted at your local veterinarian and purchase a Return-A-Pet tag with 24/7 nationwide emergency support.

These options give you the absolute most peace of mind.

About the Author
Jan Smith has been in a professional organization for 35 years. A passion of hers is pets and pet safety and that is why Janice is promoting the Return-A-Pet program through her website

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